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Communication links people together. It connects the dots.



Are you still waiting for the first words from your little one?


Worried your daughter won’t make friends because she just doesn’t seem to connect with other kids?


Are you confused trying to understand your son’s unintelligible jargon? 


Unsure of how to help your child read and see them falling behind?

Parenting is hard enough without the stress of watching your child frustrated because they can’t get their message across or missing out because they can’t understand the people around them.

There are an overwhelming number of opinions, myths, and legends on how to help your little ones out there.

What you need is strategies that are:

  • effective
  • practical
  • straightforward


Strategies you can implement daily to maximise your child’s communication and give them a better future.

We Can Provide The Strategies You Need

Lydelle Joseph
Speech Pathology Australia - Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

My name is Lydelle Joseph, and I am a paediatric speech pathologist (aka speech therapist, speech-language pathologist).

I figure out what is going on with your child’s communication, explain with minimal jargon and give you real, practical tools to help your child. I start by really listening to your concerns, getting to know your child, and pinpointing skills that need to be developed. I work with you to help your child learn to communicate.

You will get the best of evidence based techniques from a professional who’s been working with children in many different contexts, for over 15 years.

Best of all, I come to you and work in your home, child’s school, kinder, or childcare centre so they can immediately apply their new skills in the context they need them.

Lydelle Joseph
Speech Pathology Australia - Certified Practising Speech Pathologist

My name is Bianca Stefanovski, and I have experience in providing speech, language and literacy intervention to school-aged children with speech and language delays. I have had the opportunity to provide therapy to those who have English as their second language which has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. I have primarily worked in a school setting collaborating with teachers to improve classroom outcomes.

I have an interest in working with younger children through early intervention. I am looking forward to teaching functional social skills in some new programs we are planning. Through all my work I strive to work on goals which are functional and can make a difference to the way a child communicates on a daily basis.

For some time now, I have felt a passion for working with kids and currently teach Sunday school at my local church. I have grown up in Gippsland and am excited that I can work in this region that I love. Outside of work hours, I enjoy spending time on the farm with the many animals we have. I also enjoy spending my time at group fitness classes and plan to become an instructor in the near future.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to see your children flourish and meet their full potential

No referral is needed to access my services (unless you plan on using a Medicare plan from your doctor).  Contact us today or book a free phone consultation to get your urgent questions answered.